Welcome to Poultry Park - HYBRIDS, PURE BREEDS AND BANTAMS ARE NOW BACK IN STOCK BUT PLEASE CHECK AVAILABLITY, see our for sale page for more details


We have a good selection of Traditional and Hybrid chickens along with Bantams and Small breeds, we had excellent fertility rates in 2022/23and the hens are starting to lay well with the first batch of eggs being set in a couple of weeks.

A good selection of coloured POL Hybrids will be available from mid March onwards and Hatching eggs will be ready once fertility has been checked for collection or posting.

Even though the last couple of years have been very challenging due to the Covid 19 and Avian Flu restrictions we enjoyed a short but productive show season with many breeds placing 1st - 3rd in their sections and finishing with a Champion Welsummer Pullet on Championship Row at Malvern Autumn Show and we're looking forward to this years show season.

2024 has started well with Champion Utility in the VPS winter show First show of the year and our Trio of Gold Millefleur Booted Bantams won the Trio Championship at the Devon Fanciers plus many other first places, and at Billington Black Mottled Pekin and Porcelain Pullet won both their classes.


Please note payment is via Bank Transfer or PAYPAL, contact us in advance to arrange suitable collection time.

**Breeding Pens for 2024 - excellent fertility rates in 2023**

We will be focussing this season on the bantam breeds

Large Fowl:                                    Bantams:

Rhode Island Red                            Silver & Gold Laced Wyandotte Bantam

Silver Laced Barnevelder                Lemon/Gold Millefleur Booted   

                                                         Lemon Millefleur Booted

                                                         Porcelain Booted

                                                         Lavender Pekin

                                                         Black Mottled Pekin

                                                         Isobel Pekin

                                                         Black/Blue Pekins