Hybrid birds were developed in the 1950's when the demand for eggs increased, Hybrids are cross bred chickens based on the classic Rhode Island Red, Maran, Plymouth Rock,  Sussex or Leghorn.

The brown laying eggs are based on the Rhode Island Red whilst the white laying eggs are based on the White Leghorn.

Hybrid chickens are a utility breed and are ideal for beginners due to their freindly docile nature. They are hardy birds which rarely become broody and will generally lay approx. 300eggs per year.

Quails - Not Available 

Quails are ideal for those with smaller gardens, the Japenese quail is more popular for producing eggs and can be very productive and lay around 230 eggs per year. Chinese quail are ideal for averies as they will sift around the avery floor.

They are more timid than chickens and need to be kept warm during the winter months

Traditional Pure Breed

These are traditional birds which will breed true, meaning, the young will always resemble the parents.

Pure bred chickens have loads of personality and are a great addition to any flock, there are many different shapes, sizes and colours as well as breed characteristics.

Depending on the breed they will lay 100-250 eggs of various colours per year.

Buff Orpington (Large)

Orpingtons can do it all, whether it be laying 200 eggs a year, or offering a lot of meat when matured, being easy to handle and show. These are just a good chicken for all occasion.

Pekin Bantam

Pekins are true Bantams, they have no larger counterpart. Perfect for smaller gardens, friendly and easy to handle. They come in various colours and will lay lovely tinted eggs

Rhode Island Red

A dual purpose breed which is active and enjoys foraging, bright and alert and will lay around 250 brown eggs per year.


Based on the Cuckoo Marans the Speckledy retains the dark brown egg and lays around 250 per year, an old favourite.

Beechwood Blue

A docile bird with an interesting Colour of Plumage.  Laying around 240 eggs per year.

Rhode Rock

The Rhode Rock is a docile hardy bird due to its greater infusion of the traditional breed. Laying around 260 eggs per year

 Booted Bantam

Porcelain, Lemon and Gold Millefleur Booted are lovely small, friendly birds that enjoy foraging around without digging up the lawn and are full of character. 

Light Sussex

An alert friendly bird that adapts well to free range or smaller envioronments, a well established utility breed, lays approx 250 light brown coloured eggs.

Mottled Leghorn

A medium sized bird, layer of up to 300 good sized white eggs per year.


A hardy bird with a good temperament, excellent layers of around 300 medium brown eggs per year, great first hen.

 Laced Wyandottes

A very attractive bird, which is friendly an ideal bird for beginners, laying approx 180 eggs

Silver Laced Barnavelder

Is a bright amicable bird which is friendly and ideal for beginners, they will lay 180 - 200 light brown eggs per year

Cream Legbar

Perfected in the 1930's in Oxford, based on the Araucana and various Mediterranean breeds, prolific layers of Blue eggs.


This is a dutch bred bird which is friendly and intelligent, laying approx 200 redish brown eggs

Cuckoo Maran

A hardy bird which origionated from France, lays approx 180 dark brown eggs per year